Lilly is a shy Omega, but she could be playful as well, Seeing when she did turtle jokes with Garth.

She has quite low self-esteem, while no one truely knows why. She hardly talks to others and seems to always keep to herself. She also lacks confidence in herself, when Garth told her to try practicing hunting with him, she shrinks back into the tall grass and says that she's not any good at hunting.

She is also quite encouraging. she taught Garth how to howl properly and encourages him a lot. Her personality can be described as the exact opposite of Kate's


Lilly is a wolf that lives in the Western Pack of Wolves in Jasper Park, Canada. Her sister is Kate and her mate is Garth. Lilly is a grey colored wolf that has Lavender eyes. She is really shy at times and isn't much of a hunter. Lilly is also a good Howler.